Sunday, May 26, 2013

Cosmetics + Accessories Haul [Set 2]

Hello everyone! It’s been a long time.. I know that I’ve committed before that I’ll be active here on my blog. But jeez, I’ve been quite busy on my career and on finding another job. Just to share with you guys, I left my work because of some managament issues, thus leading to resignation. I think you know the cliché “looking for better management”, well... we’re in the real world and we have to practical and of course, we have to level up our knowledge and experiences. So yeah, I resigned last March, then I did my turnover for 3 weeks, then waited for like one and a half months looking for a new job!

And just 3 weeks ago, who would have guessed?! I have a new job!! Whopeeee! And I felt it’s really a blessing from Lord because I’m praying for a multinational company that has a good reputation and I know that is something to be really proud of.

Anyway, so that happened to me these past few months, and I’m very glad I’m back here on my blog! So to start it of, here’s another haul of random ka-kikayan girly stuff!

 As you may see, I’m such an addict on buying accessories (from F21, obviously) and nail polishes! Well, this is not the first time so maybe on my upcoming posts, you might see again hauls such this type! Lol ;)

F21 earrings: Diamond shaped-Php 209, 3 pairs set-Php 280, Heart-Php225, Anchor-Php 95 (such a steal!); Jellybean earrings-Php 199

I think I should entitled this post as Forever 21 haul, lol. Anyway, I got the bracelet set (w/ pearls) for Php365, the pearl necklace is Php 815, the ring is only Php 90! The belt bracelet is Php 505, and then the geometric necklace is Php 400 from Accessorize.

Lastly, the Beauty UK nail polishes are bought from an online shop, the Makeup Haul (link). The posh polishes are worth Php 85 each, then the shatter polish is Php 295. Then, I got the LA Girl lipstick for Php299 and eyeliner for Php 420. The VC perfume is Php 1200, thanks to my mom! Then the Sunsilk hair serum is Php 215 for heat protection, esp when I’m straightening my locks.

So there you have it! I really hoped you all enjoyed my haul! And oh, just a quick note, I had my summer vacation at Puerto Galera on the first weekend of May, so maybe I’ll post some of our pics here. So exciting to share it with you, my readers! J What about you, what did you do this summer? I’m glad to know,  you can share it on my comments!

Have a great weeekend!

♥ xoxo 



  1. OOO OOO ! So many pretty accessories! I'm jealous of your pretty haul!