Sunday, May 27, 2012

Giveaway Winnings [Part 1] (Pic heavy)

Sorry for being hiatus for couple of weeks. I’m really busy na since I’m already working. So to clean up my supposedly posts last year, here’s just some of my winnings from different giveaways I’ve joined. I think I will compile them all here in one blog post and also, I’m not pretty sure when I have won these stuff. Haha! So this post will be quite heavy because of lots of pictures taken like last year.

Alice in Wonderland Necklace from Networking Witches
I think I’ve got these around late October.

Kabuki Sigma Brush from Maheen (
I’m still using this and I’m loving it!

Zooshop gray trouser X Shoe Tale from Ms. Vern Enciso (
I have mistaken the size I’ve won and until now, I can’t use it. :-(

BDJ Planner from
I really really love this! Very useful on my everyday crammmings. :)

Giveaway palooza from Style and Soul blog (
Yes, it’s very random things, some of them I don’t know where to use?? 

A sweet note from Anagon
Swatches: L-beige, R-ivory

Myra Vitaglow Moisturizer X The Fashionista Commuter (
I have the beige and ivory shade, though I’m just using the beige one, more fitting for my skin tone.

Lastly is this Good & Lovely Box from
It’s for PMS something, really liked the smell though. 

So there they are! Yes, I know I’ve stacked them all up, but who cares? LOL

Anyways, bye for now! I’m thinking of what to post next???? :)