Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Finally I’ve come back *with a BANG!

Hello there people! Yes, it’s true I’ve come back!

It’s been three months of stress and lots of memorization;  and now, my board  exam is finally over! 

Preboards Study

Yeah, I eat a lot while studying! lol 

After a day of waiting, the results have been posted and guess what? Yey! I’ve passed the Pharmacy Licensure Exam! Congratulations to me!

See! There’s my name!! Woohoo!! RPh na ako!
This is really a good start of the year! After all the hardships and intense studying, I tell you, it’s really not that easy. Probably, this is the happiest days of my life, especially that I can feel that my labor is starting to pay-off! 

After the teary-eyed experience and lots of greetings from friends and loved ones. Now what’s next? K

 Well, at this moment I’ve already been thinking of where to start job hunting. Of course, I want to have a better career and future; and be a succesful pharmacist. Yes, my board exam is just the end of a chapter and another one will be started. I know I can do this! J