Sunday, September 9, 2012

Bicolandia – Legazpi City [Day 1]

Since there are many long weekends last August, me and my officemates grabbed the opportunity to have a vacation. So by April 2012, we took the seat sale in Cebu Pacific and chose Legazpi City, Albay to see the majestic perfect cone of Mayon Volcano. 

Here we are at the terminal gate waiting to aboard.

We took the 12:40pm flight, and as usual it was always delayed, anyway our plane took off after 15 or 20 mins (which is really rough for me, kaloka ang pilot namin!). When there was an announcement that we’re nearly there, we could stopped looking in our window just to glance on Mt. Mayon's charming beauty, too bad the right wing of our plane plus the surrounding clouds were obstructing her to show its picturesque view. Hay nako!

That’s Manila actually.

You see, there’s Mt. Mayon. I'm not lying!

We arrived at Legazpi airport around 2pm something and was greeted by no less than Mount Mayon, which is perfect and stunningly beautiful. I must say, the backdrop of this terminal is really scenic and superb. 

Touchdown Legazpi City!

We were fetched by our driver and was dropped off in Embarcadero. We check-in in Ellis Ecotel and was actually amazed on our room. We didn’t expect the room to be so “wow!”, definitely surprised at the quality of this place. I think, the room costs Php 1500.00 for two nights, which is an excellent budgeted hotel. And I like that there’s free wifi too, yipee!  

There are lot of mirrors in this room actually, haha! Hey there Ate Pat! :)

Me and my friend, Ate Pat!

After that, we went in Small Talk Cafe located in their city proper for our merienda/dinner. Me and Ate Pat ordered Pasta Mayon and Carbonara since we're not that much hungry. We tried some Bicolano cuisine too, like their laing, which are actually good. 

Pasta Mayon


Small Talk Cafe - That's a big BIG bubble! 

We also stopped by in La Mia Tazza Cafe for some coffee, you know, just to have enough energy for this day.

Then we walked our way to the city for some sightings, and found their city hall. Then, across is their plaza and their church.

Legazpi City hall

Flag flown at half mast in honor of Sec. Jesse Robredo

Cathedral of San Gregorio Magno

We also decided to go to Daraga Church, which is just a 15-minute jeepney ride from the city proper. What special on this church is that it is a Baroque structure made of mostly of volcanic rocks, situated on top of a hill overlooking Mt. Mayon. But at that time, there are still clouds surrounding it. #failed

Daraga Church, which is still under renovation.

So since, its getting late that time, we took off and went back to our hotel. Also, I took my last pic before changing into my pjs.

Outfit pic: Top-Forever 21 knitted , Forever 21 blue shorts, Juice shoes, Genevieve Gozum yellow belt, Longchamp Peacock

♥ xoxo 


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  1. It looks like you had fun! I would love to visit the Phillipines someday. And that top is cute. I want one now. :P

    I am glad you got the brushes. I find the last longer if you gently wash them with shampoo, not soap.