Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Change for the Better

Last May, I’ve noticed that my GFC widget got broken and to be honest, I don’t know how to fix it. It’s really sad because I’ve almost lost all of my followers, and I cannot retrieve it anymore. So I’d decided to drop it off and remove it from my blog :c

So even though I’ve been so busy lately because of my work, I’ve made up my mind to change my site TOTALLY since it’s really a mess. Recently, I’ve deleted those thumbnails on my Blog Roll Section, added more labels on my posts, change my SNS icons on my right sidebar and now... I’m gonna change my Blog address into

I know this change would carry risks that may endanger my blog’s integrity, but I really think this change is really necessary for me (“ang drama queen ng lola mo!”). Anyways, I can see that my blog isn’t really a very established or well-known site, as a matter of fact I only have less than 50 posts for almost a year (haha yes I know, I’m not a good writer).

 So.....I may or may not have loyal visitors, but I still think that I should let you know that I’m now changing my blog URL. I want to apologize but at the same time, I’m quite happy that this is really happening to my blog.. J As the title says, I’m changing.. for the better!

For my “loyal” readers, hope you can understand this and hopefully you can still visit my site and read my posts. I will change my blog address on July 15th to make an allowance to those people who frequently visit my site to be aware of this change. I will also try my best to keep you guys informed of what’s happening to my life and update you more often. So that’s it, thanks thanks people!