Saturday, February 18, 2012

September 2011 Giveaway Winnings

These are just some of my winnings from different blogs since last year. I’m really sorry for not posting so much here in my blog, it’s because I’m quite busy searching for a job. Hehe J

Anyway, let’s start it off with Ms Karllyn ( who’s from the beautiful place of Hawaii. I won her Usamimi giveaway, which is a really cute headband and it goes together with a pack of chocolate. Aww, so sweet of her!  J

Next is from Ms Anabelle ( wherein I’ve won the 3rd prize, a Loreal liquid foundation in Golden Beige from her blog giveaway on September too. I think I got the parcel a month later, and so is the usamimi I’ve said earlier. 

Here is the swatch:


That’s it for now.

Thank you again to Ms Karllyn and Ms Anabelle for hosting these giveaways!
Please do take time to visit their blogs. J


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