Saturday, September 17, 2011

Swatches and Reviews: NYX Tea Rose, Louisiana and Snow White Round Lipsticks

I owe this post like weeks ago, anyway better late than never. LOL

First of all, I’ve bought these NYX lippies on an online shop, courtesy of NYX Cosmetics Suppleir by Samsville

I’ve never tried this brand before but I got a little bit carried away on my bored life leading me into “window” shopping in several online shops. They have so many shades to choose from, no wonder I have a hard time picking the right color for my skin tone. In the end I was convinced to try out 3 shades because of so many reviews on them;  they are Tea Rose, Louisiana and Snow white.

From L-R: Tea rose, Louisiana, Snow white

Believe me, the color images are not quite fair on the actual shade you can get when you swatch them, which is really a risk on buying stuff online. Yeah, maybe you can get the shade that  you want or in the end, you’ll just be disappointed. But a big NO in this case. You'll see what I mean.

Swatches on my arm

Just to see the difference, here’s my bare lips for the comparison.

So for the first lippy, let’s get on NYX Tea Rose.
The color is kind of a pinky coral shade (which is almost closer to my lip color).  It has no shimmer or frost, instead it gives a satin finish. No doubt it’s their top selling lipstick. I think it will brighten up fairer skin complexion.

Next is NYX Louisiana.
Oh Gosh! When I’ve tried this out, it gives me the ohhh feeling. Its pretty bright pink color is so flattering. I’m very pleased in buying this one, its really a beautiful pink shade. It’s also very pigmented, so one swipe is enought to give an opaque coverage.

Lastly is the NYX Snow white (said to be the best red lipstick ever!)
Thank God I’ve bought this for my red lippy collection. This one looks brownish if swatched on my arm, but when applied on my lips it gives a deep scarlet red. It’s really lovely and luscious, perfect red for my lips.

My personal experience on them:

Color/coverage: From a wide array of beautiful shades (I think around 140 shades), these three are really the best. They’re pigmented and more opaque, very pretty.

Staying power, texture: They’re quite creamy honestly and glides smoothly when applied. The advantage here is that its not drying, but the downside is that it’s not long lasting. Maybe you’ll need to reapply this around 2-3 hours, so always bring them for touchups.

            Tip: To prolong the wear, when I apply the lipstick, I blot it on a tissue.

Scent: I think I will empahsize on this one, coz I’ve read a lot of reviews saying that its scent is like that of plastics or chemicals, but  in my case, not really.

Packaging: They’re housed in a sleek black tube with white design. It still looks pretty and simple which is kind of appealing to young women. Also in the base, you can easily identify the color of the lipstick which matches the color inside the tube.  Names/labels are on the top part, which is fun and entertaining, not like some lipsticks which only use codes/numbers.

Price: I’ve got this for Php 130.00 each which is kinda cheap for great shades of colors.

Over-all rating: 4.5/5
NYX Lipsticks are really awesome, especially for the price. Maybe they’re not long-lasting, but you can always bring them for reapplication. I will definitely purchase more shades of these lovely lippies.

What do you think? Have you tried this out yet? Share your thoughts. I’d love to read them. 


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