Saturday, September 17, 2011

NYX Haul

Hey dolls! This is my latest NYX package I purchased from NYX Cosmetics Supplier by Samsville. I got these babies coz my friend Sam said that it will be for sale. But since I have a lmited budget on buying stuff, I only got four of them, and I’d to make sure I will order some for my lips, my cheeks and my eyes.

So for just  a quick view, let me show you what I got.

See how fully wrapped this package is!
Came with a cute yellow design pouch. 

Wow its on a bubble wrapped. nice!

So here they are!

From L-R: Sunflower, Trio e/s, Mosaic powder blush in Dare, Antwerp

For a clearer view of them, here’s:

Everybody in the online shop is raving on this product, so I got influenced and found out that this is said not a lipstick nor a lipgloss. Interesting right? So since I want a coral peachy shade, I’ve chose Soft matte lip cream Antwerp for around Php 230.00. I’ll just made a product review about this soon.

This is on my NYX wishlist because I’ve watch Xteeener, my makeup guru on Youtube, used a lot of these shades. These are barely there, champagne and rootbeer. I got this for Php 250.00 I guess. I’m not sure if I can work it out on my makeup routines. Wish me luck dear!

Like I’ve said earlier, I want something for my cheeks, so I’ve bought a mosaic powder blush in Dare. I think it’s price is around Php320.00, more than enough for its 5 different colors. Need to work on blending these shades. Lol

Ohh I got frustrated when I ordered a round lipstick, it’s supposed to be haute melon shade but it’s out of stock so I need to replace it with other color. So I skimmed on my list, and since I want an orange one, I’ve came across this shade, round lipstick in sunflower. I actually tried it on my lips immediately after opening it. Its like orange-red color as a matter of fact. I don’t know, maybe I can deal with it. The price is Php 130.00, not so bad for a 2nd choice lipstick. kiddin! 

Sorry for those blurry pictures. Anyways, I’ll just make a separate post on their swatches and reviews soon. So that’s it. 

Can’t wait on Samsville’s next sale preorder! J

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