Thursday, September 22, 2011

Just got lucky: Charm Bracelet from SugarPao (Sponsored by TinyPinkBow)

Last month I joined Whimsical whatnots & whatever on her TinyPinkBow giveaway, and just last week I received an email that I won!!  Because of so many giveaways I’ve entered, I forgot what will be the prize. Haha. And when I checked it, surprisingly it was a customized charm bracelet! Yehey!

Well, supposedly I should share lots of pictures when I  finally got my charm bracelet but my camera messed up and got a virus. Dang! I lost all of my photos, including my posts on this one. Anyways, enough of the drama and let’s move on. Lol

So here they are! I received 5 bead straps, a chain strap and 5 charms. All of these are picked by me! I’ve chose white, sky blue, pink, purple and brown color of bead straps so that they can compliment my outfits. 

She also gave me a mini letter; awww, so sweet  of her.. J

It comes with a felt pouch too..

The good thing on TinyPinkBow Jewelry online shop is that you can personalized your charm bracelet. I actually find it hard to pick which charms to use because all of them are so adorable and super cute. So I’d like to share with you why I’ve chosen these ones.

ü  Moon – I just have a fond of moon shaped things. Perfect when stargazing.
ü  Dog – literally, i love dogs!! We actually have like 10 of them.
ü  Heart – because i love heart shapes. Hahaha, I actually have a necklace with heart locket.
ü  Key – ahm, so that maybe someone can open the key to my heart. Cheesy!
ü  Meshed or Zigzag – I actually dont know what this is called. It supposed to be a butterfly charm but I guess they dont have that anymore. It’s cute though. J

Here it is when worn.

Sorry for my oily face. haha! No makeup here.

So that’s it! I really like it Sugar and TinyPinkBow! I’m definitely recommending TinyPinkBow Jewelry shop. They have wide array of accessories you can choose from and very affordable. If you’re interested, visit their online shop at  I’m sure you will enjoy choosing on those cute stuff.


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