Monday, August 8, 2011

Omakase Food attack!!

We've tried to eat in Omakase since my sister keeps bragging about that restaurant. Well, I like to eat different stuffs so we did it! Its located in Il Terrazo bldg, Thomas Morato, Q. Ave.

We're soo hungry I ended up just taking few photos. hihi :) 

I cant remember what we ordered, but wait.. ahm, I think they were Mt. Fuji Roll, Salmon Sashimi (nothing's left haha), Kakiage (Mommy's order), Bacon Wrapped Asparagus and 2 cups of Fried Rice. 

Eating Mt.Fuji Roll, yum yum!


  1. That looks so yummy! We don't have too many stores like that around here ^^, so I've never tasted stuff like that!

  2. They're really good. maybe other japanese restaurants also have those foods. Try 'em!