Thursday, August 18, 2011

The Candidates for my Graduation Pic Dress

I really dont know what to wear for my graduation pic so I went shopping on three malls. I ended up looking on Landmark, Trinoma. I've searched the whole perimeter, and oh my, I can't find an inexpensive but elegant dress. So here's my options:

A black dress with white belt on the waist. 

Another black dress with floral design

V-neckline white dress

Yeah, I just used my phone to take photos of these dresses, and apparently I've taken these while inside the dressing room. 

Since I'm trying to find a dress for my formal attire. So here's my pick:
It's simple yet sexy looking dress. It shapes up my figure and I love it! 

As you can see, here's the actual picture of my formal attire grad pic. 

So that's it!

And oh, 
Just a quick view of my casual wear. Super girly huh?


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